A list of my on-going/past micro projects can be found here.
  • TIME-II [project website]: an astro-bio experiment to determine the effects of antibiotics on gene expression under microgravity. Designed circuit and control system for operate heaters and the experiment equipment. This project taught me how to work at a system level in projects. Yet to go into space.
  • BigBrain [showcase]: hobbyist EEG made in under 50 dollars. Performed analog signal processing and amplification before reading and plotting waveform data. Made for HOPE DeCal with Siddharth Mishra while having a blast looking at squiggly lines; apart from pesky 60Hz noise.
  • Localised FM Digital Audio Broadcasting using WiFi Mesh Networks: [preprint][IEEEXplore]: first-author on paper investigating effectiveness of FM audio data transmission using a WiFi mesh-network of transmitters; turns out it can be ridiculously effective. Finalist at IRIS 2021, presented at IEEE ICECCT 2021.
  • Prepto [github]: A quiz-up style app to help students prepare for massive open exams. It lets you compete against other students in real-time and gamifies improvement. Won the AngelHack Delhi AWS prize and 2nd place overall.